Kate Sweetman / SweetmanCragun , World’s Top Emerging Management Guru

Kate was named by the London Times as one of the world’s Top Emerging Management Gurus for her career work in the management consulting and training space.
While Kate was an editor at Harvard Business Review, she worked closely with renowned thought leaders like Jim Collins and helped them articulate their groundbreaking theories and models into material that could lead to publication.
She is the co-author of the global bestseller The Leadership Code, along with Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood, which has been translated into 14 languages and has sold 35,000 copies.

Kate has written over fifty business cases for clients. Kate is a visiting lecturer and student-coach at MIT’s Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship. She has authored and published more than 30 articles on leadership-management in respected journals, magazines, and newspapers worldwide, such as Forbes, Sloan Management, the Boston Globe, and the Asian Economic Times. She has blogged for Fast Company and Harvard Business Review.

She is a Lead Program Orchestrator for Duke University Corporate Education, the number one corporate education provider in the world. Kate is also a keynote speaker for Celebrity Speakers Association out of the U.K. Kate is a Founding Principal at SweetmanCragun, a global management consulting and training firm.

Guy Hoffman / Assistant Professor, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

Cornell University. Prior to that he was Assistant Professor at IDC Herzliya and co-director of the IDC Media Innovation Lab. Hoffman holds a Ph.D from MIT in the field of human-robot interaction.

He heads the Human-Robot Collaboration and Companionship (HRC2) group, studying the algorithms, interaction schema, and designs enabling close interactions between people and personal robots in the workplace and at home.

Hoffman developed the world’s first human-robot joint theater performance, and the first real-time improvising human-robot Jazz duet. His research papers won several top academic awards, including Best Paper awards at HRI and robotics conferences in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2015. In both 2010 and 2012, he was selected as one of Israel’s most promising researchers under forty.

His TEDx talk is one of the most viewed online talks on robotics, watched more than 2.8 million times.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand / GoodPlanet Foundation,President, Awarded Director, Photographer, Journalist and Environmentalist

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a French photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist. He is the President of the GoodPlanet Foundation which he created in 2005.

He started his career shooting lions in the Masai Mara in Kenya in the 1980's whilst studying their behaviour.
Upon his return to France, he released his first book “Lions” and created Altitude Agency, the world's first press agency and image bank specialising in aerial photography.

In 1994 he started a thorough study on the state of the Earth sponsored by UNESCO. As part of the study, he made a picture inventory of the world's most beautiful landscapes, taken from helicopters and hot-air balloons.

The book from this project, Earth from Above (‘ la Terre vue du ciel’ ) sold over 3 million copies and was translated into 24 languages. Following from this success, he took to the air again and released his first movie, “Home” produced by Luc Besson. “Home” has now been seen by 600 million people around the globe.
Considered an environmentalist as much as a photographer, he became a goodwill ambassador for the United Nation's Environment Program in 2009.

In 2012, he started shooting his new film “Human” to be released in 2015. At the crossroads of “Home” and the project “7 billion others”, “Human” is a mix of interviews of people of all conditions and backgrounds living in 45 different countries, and aerial images sought throughout the world.

Yann’s latest challenge is the shooting of his new film, WOMAN.

Yılmaz Erdoğan / Actor, Poet, Director

He was born in 1967 in Hakkari province of southeastern Turkey. He started to play in theaters in 1987 and established Beşiktaş Culture Center in İstanbul in 1994. Erdoğan worked as author, director and player in many theater plays and TV shows until 1999.  

In his first movie “Vizontele” in which he told his hometown and how the local people met the “television” he was the author, director and the actor.   
This movie was followed by others: Vizontele Tuuba, Organize İşler (Magic Carpet Ride), Neşeli Hayat (Jolly Life), Kelebeğin Rüyası (The Butterfly’s Dream) and Ekşi Elmalar (Sour Apples).  
He was co-star with Monica Bellucci in the movie “Rhino Season” directed by Bahman Gobandi.  

He acted in the movie “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan; the film was awarded Jury Grand Prize at 64th Cannes Film Festival. Yılmaz Erdoğan was awarded for the Best Supporting Actor by Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts with this role in the movie “The Water Diviner” directed by Russel Crowe. This award is considered to be the counterpart of Academy Awards/Oscars of Australia  

Erdoğan now has returned to the theaters 12 years later with his one-man show “Münakaşa” (Quarrel).

Rahaf Harfoush / Strategist, Digital Anthropologist,Red Thread Inc., Founder

  Rahaf Harfoush is a Strategist, Digital Anthropologist, and Best-Selling Author who focuses on the intersections between emerging technology, innovation, and digital culture.

Her second book, “The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers,” was released in early 2014. She is currently working on her third book entitled “Hustle and Float: Balancing Execution and Inspiration in a World of Constant Connection.” 
Formerly, Rahaf was the Associate Director of the Technology Pioneer Programme at the World Economic Forum in Geneva where she helped identify disruptive-startups that were improving the state of the world.  

Rahaf is the founder of Red Thread Inc., a boutique consultancy and think tank that supports organizations in transforming digital trends into strategic opportunities. She teaches “Innovation & Emerging Business Models” at Sciences Po’s MBA program in Paris.

She was recognized as a Young Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and as a Rising Talent by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society.

Diana Renner / Uncharted Leadership Institute , Director

Diana is a leadership educator, consultant and award-winning author.  
In her work Diana weaves together a range of disciplines including Adaptive Leadership, Complexity Theory, Adult Development and Process Oriented Psychology to help people become better leaders and make a positive impact in the world around them. 
Diana is co-director and co-founder of the Uncharted Leadership Institute, a global leadership consultancy focused on building the capability of organizations and individuals to successfully navigate uncertainty and make progress on complex challenges. She is also an associate and adjunct lecturer with the University of Texas, Adelaide University, Monash University and Melbourne Business School, and has served as guest faculty with the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. 
Diana is co-author of ‘Not Knowing: the art of turning uncertainty into opportunity’, with Steven D’Souza. The book won the 2015 Chartered Management Institute 'Book of the Year' award in the U.K. and has been translated in eight languages.
Her second book ‘Not Doing’, also with D’Souza, is due for release in October 2017.  

Diana’s passion for people, learning and creativity give her work meaning. She lives with her husband and two children in Melbourne, Australia.

John Higgins / The Right Conversation , Research Director

John Higgins has worked for many years with leading practitioners and scholars in the fields of organisational leadership and change.

He is a coach, tutor, researcher, author and editor who spends his life encouraging people to work with a more personal and thoughtful approach to organisational life.
He helps them work with their actual experience and character, rather than somebody else’s idea of best practice.
As well as being a tutor on Ashridge Business School’s flagship Leadership Process, he is Research Director at The Right Conversation. He has also worked closely with MCT for a number of years.    

Brian Chossek / Impact 7 Generations, CEO

Brian Chossek is a trusted guide, resource and actualizer who helps create top and bottom line outcomes by connecting Purpose, Vision and Values to strategy, innovation, operations and tactics. His workshops, executive retreats, articles and consulting provide tools, frameworks and methodologies to enable organizations to align, transform, catalyze, innovate and reach the next level in MEASUREABLE ways. 

His work has enabled small, medium, and large organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, to meet and exceed their financial goals while embedding a sustainable, self-regulating culture of excellence.
Brian brings a unique combination of hard business skills and experiences with an insightful understanding of people.  He is a recognized leader in the arena of Awakening and Connecting the Why (Purpose).  He is currently writing two books, I've Found My Why, Now What?  A Practical Guide to Unleashing the Power of Purpose and Vision in Your Organization and Chief Purpose Officer: A Look Into the Future of Business and the Transformative Role of Chief Purpose Officers.

These books share his experiences in utilizing Purpose, Vision and Values to drive bottom and top line impacts and what we can expect in the future of organizations as they adopt and connect with their higher calling purpose.

Prior to founding Impact 7 Generations and working at the nexus of Purpose, Strategy, Innovation and Leadership, Brian served as President and Chief Operating Officer of a healthy living operating company and incubator. 

During his time there he launched two brands nationally and provided incubation services to others in the organic food, beverage and personal care spaces.  The company was named a Top 20 organic company by Ode Magazine and Brian’s work was featured in the NY Times and other publications. Prior to that, Brian held a variety of Senior Executive and Consulting roles with Purpose-based enterprises and opportunities.

Vamık D. Volkan / M. D., DLFAPA, FACPsa

Vamık D. Volkan was born to Turkish parents in Cyprus. Before coming to the United States in 1957 he received his medical education at the School of Medicine, University of Ankara, Turkey. He is an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, the Senior Erik Erikson Scholar at the Erikson Institute of Education and Research of the Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and an Emeritus Training and Supervising Analyst at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, Washington, D.C. Professor Volkan holds Honorary Doctorate degrees from Kuopio University, Finland (2005) (now called Eastern Finland University), from Ankara University, Turkey (2006), and from Eastern Psychoanalytical University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Professor Volkan was a member of the International Negotiation Network (INN) under the directorship of the former President Jimmy Carter (1989-1998). In 1987, President Carter founded INN as a flexible, informed network of former heads of state, Nobel Peace laureates, eminent persons and conflict resolution practitioners dedicated to resolving international conflicts through peaceful means. 

Dr. Volkan also received the Sigmund Freud Award given by the city of Vienna, Austria, in collaboration with the World Council of Psychotherapy (2003) and the Hans H. Strupp Award  by the Appalachian Psychoanalytic Society in recognition of his outstanding contributions to psychoanalytic theory and practice (2009).

He is the recipient of 2015 Mary Sigourny Award. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times in mid-2000s and again in 2014 supported by letters from 27 countries.  

Hakan Alp / QNB Finansbank Human Resources, Executive Vice President

Born in 1968, Hakan Alp was graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences with a degree in International Relations in 1989. He worked at Audit Department between 1991 and 1997 at Garanti Bank where he also served as Senior Vice President in charge of Training and Development between 1997 and 1999. He worked for Humanitas Doğuş Human Resources Management as Executive Vice President in charge of Training / Executive Development / Finance and Administration / Operation between 2000 and 2003.
He was the Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Tansaş Retail Chain between 2003-2005. He joined Sütaş as Executive Vice President, Human Resources Department between 2005-2006. In 2007, he became the Senior Vice President in charge of Human Resources at Finansbank. He was assigned as Executive Vice President as of June 2010.

Tanyer Sönmezer / Management Centre Türkiye,CEO

Creative consultant of the most admired companies

Tanyer Sönmezer trained in mechanical engineering at MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, but he never practiced his profession. After receiving an MBA and a master's degree in marketing, he attended several training programs, such as "Effective Management of Boards of Directors" at HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, "Leadership" at the OXFORD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE, "Innovation" at MIT, "Change Management, Design Thinking" at STANFORD and “Making Innovation Happen” at LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL. However, he is a CONSULTANT who has learned about life working at an AMUSEMENT PARK. 

His roles as chef, magician, pilot, photographer, and conference speaker aside, he prefers to be an ordinary HERO for those he loves. Sönmezer is the CEO of the Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) Group, consults to all prestigious companies in Turkey. He wrote two best-selling books: “Yöneticinin Sırt Çantası” (Backpack of a Manager) and “Yöneticinin Beslenme Çantası” (Lunch Box of a Manager).

Fatih Uysal / Kariyer.net , General Manager & CEO

Fatih Uysal graduated from Galatasaray High School and took his university degree at Boğaziçi University Business Administration department. He joined Danone in 1999, and spent the first 7 years of his career by assuming different roles at marketing department.  He was appointed as Global Marketing Manager and moved to Paris, Danone headquarter, in 2006 and supported 40 countries to develop and implement local marketing strategies. 
He joined Vodafone Turkey in 2010 as marketing director and coordinated several launches and projects. Fatih Uysal is appointed as General Manager  & CEO in February 2017 by Kariyer.net, the biggest online Human Resources Platform in Turkey.

Ahmet Naç / Teacher

Plums in Your Pocket

Ahmet Naç was born in a village of Aksihar district of Manisa province in western Turkey on the night of April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day. He tells his greatest fortune is to be born and grown up in a village. He describes his top-quality moments of his life were when he spent his time alone on a treetop.  
He was remembered by his friends in secondary and high school as the hardworking student, Ahmet who was a member of Hababam Sınıfı (a 1975 Turkish comedy film, directed by Ertem Eğilmez based on a novel by Rıfat Ilgaz that tells the adventures of a private school class students). He decided to be teacher in the end so that he could do all kinds of works after he could not decide what to do. 

Nowadays, he lives his life along with his students as a producer, screen writer, director, artist, sportsman, actor, poet, musician, comedian, moderator, decoration expert, technician, designer, painter, rapper and writer. In his leisure time, Ahmet takes off his glasses and suit and he wears his Superman cape to be the hero of the children.

KARSU / Musician

It is time to listen to an amazingly mature, deep and strong voice ranging from music genres like jazz, soul, blues to reggae, marvelous compositions and Turkish songs along with new and extraordinary singing.

Even though Karsu is 24 years old and was discovered when she was too young, she proceeded step by step and gave many concerts in Carnegie Hall, participated in North Sea Jazz Festival, Ankara Jazz Festival and İstanbul Jazz Festival. She is a young and exciting gift from Amsterdam to the world and expands her talent’s borders continuously. Karsu is not only a singer and a pianist but also a composer, arranger and songwriter of Turkish descent (from Antakya province in Southern Turkey). Following her album “Confession” whose all compositions belong to her made Karsu heard everywhere, she renewed her creativity with her album “Colors” in 2015. Her music enriched with jazz, funk, soul, blues and reggae was applauded loudly around the world from Brazil to Belgium.        
Karsu admired by Turkish audience prepares herself distinctively for the concerts in Turkey and hypnotizes them. Besides her compositions, she covered many Turkish songs like "Divane Aşık Gibi", "Gelevera Deresi", "Gesi Bağları", "Domates Biber Patlıcan", "Neredesin Sen" and added them her interpretation.  

Karsu is the first Turkish singer awarded this year by Edison which is the most prestigious music award in Holland!
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