Working Model of Future; Motion Office

People don not have to stay connected anymore because of video and audio technologies. Information is outside the physical environment and more accessible. In the future, mobile work model will become more widespread especially in SMEs and medium-sized companies.
If we think about the Y generation that adopts more flexible business hours with less responsibilities, after 5-10 years they will work in many business lines including education.
Systematic Innovation – Know. Lead. Succeed

Innovation is becoming the issue for companies who wish to create and maintain their competitive edge. HR professional are in the best position to lead any attempt to create Innovation Eco-Systems.  

The “Systematic Innovation – Know. Lead. Succeed” speech will provide a case-based roadmap on how to create successful, long-term Corporate Innovation.
Your Company - A Magnet For Talent!

Imagine entering work in the early 90’s as an Occupational Psychologist.  No one knew what to do with us, beyond offering a position in the Personnel Department. As my graduate recruiter put it …Personnel, it has something to do with people and it could be a possible fit, so why not give it a go!  If it doesn’t work out, you are still young so have lots of time to try new things.  Inspired by this offer, I took the job in a car manufacturing business.  My day in Personnel consisted of interviews, administering policies, running disciplinary meetings and hearing raised by local union representatives.  It wasn’t strategic or sexy but it was a pragmatic place to start.  Soon afterwards, the adoption of the Dave Ulrich Model transformed Personnel into HR and with this change lots of new services such as OD, L&D C&B were on offer.  HR was now a strategic partner at the senior table and the future of work looked very bright.
HR as a Marketing Tool

Richard Branson once said, "Treat your employees well so they don’t want to leave." Like all concepts in the digital age, word-of-mouth channel is changing and renewing. The happiness of employees increases their commitment to the company and transforms them into an organic marketing channel. Branson's saying is being updated: "Treat your employees well, they'll talk positively about you." In short, marketing professionals need the HR department more than ever. Take a look to HR from the perspective of a marketer.
Rethinking the Testing Language Competency for the Workplace

During the recruitment process, companies assess candidates' personality, ability and language competency. However, current assessment techniques do not compliment the new generations’ language competencies and thus candidates may not be suitable for the job vacancy. Consequently, while the employer continues to try and find the right employee for the vacancy, candidates lose motivation due to the complicated and long procedures. Come and lets reorganise this process...
DNA of Geoploitics

Bernd Papenkort is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership Academy in the Balkans. He is a former senior
military officer with a top training background in the German General Staff and the British Army Staff College who now works as a consultant, coach and trainer in the areas of Leadership, Change Management and Strategic Synchronisation.

Bernd commanded national and multinational military formations in peace support operations with NATO and the UN, and was later Director for Security Policy at the German Armed Forces General Staff College.
Bernd holds a Master Degree in Business and Management from the University of Darmstadt. During his career he has worked at the political - military interface in national government institutions and international organisations. His team in NATO prepared the first phase of NATO’s Partnership for Peace activities. He was then engaged in the design and implementation of NATO/ UN peace support operations in the Balkans and had senior level functions as Military Advisor to the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina and as Senior Military Advisor to the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in BiH.

In the course of his career, he has gained manifold experiences in leadership at all levels of command, including international multidisciplinary policy design and decision making within national parliaments and international organisations. He gained outstanding expertise in conflict resolution efforts and capacity building in transformation states using dialogue, mediation and arbitration in the context of tract 1 and 2 diplomacy as well.
He is now using this expertise to conduct high level leadership coaching and training for key public opinion makers in politics, governments and business.He has worked with international institutions such as the UN, NATO and the EU.
Leaders, Food and the DNA of a Beautiful Day
The story of why good food fuels successful leaders & happiness

The debacles of the past decade and the challenges of the next have urged us to rethink what counts as leadership. But despite rigorous science, philosophical argument, inspired storytelling, refined commentary, artistic imagery, witty critique, gossip, and small talk, leadership remains as mysterious as ever. This is because leadership is a timeless and universal feature of the human experience, and yet it is intimately bound to time, place and, culture. Andrew will therefore tell the story of leadership by referring to great leaders of all time and will try to capture its essence in the same way one experiences the multitude of flavours that is found in food.  Mona will however remind all that we are what we eat, and what we eat, like who we are, has to do with where we come from, where we live and with whom, and who we aspire to be.  The emphasis will be that a key factor that contributes to workplace performance is food and therefore for those of us battling to stay on top of emails, meetings, and deadlines, food is simply fuel. Mona and Andrew will ultimately argue that good food fuels successful leaders because it not only gives the necessary sharpness to take timely decisions but also motivates productivity and performance by all at the place of work.  The end result will be the identification of the DNA of a beautiful day in its widest sense.
Talent HeRo™ – Who is the HeRo Among Us, in The War For Talent?

In this session, we will share our experience of creating and delivering an entertaining game, “Talent HeRo™”, that led managers to become fully aware of their human resources roles and responsibilities. This is an experience that will make them laugh, have fun, compete and in the end show them that the managers are the real heroes of talent.

Principles Regarding the Establishment of Temporary Employment Relationship within the Recent Regulations

Temporary employment relationship is one of the most important and preferred flexible working model which was created by global economic transformation and technological developments. This new change in the legislation introduces a new flexible working model which ensures young people’s direct involvement in the workforce market as an important potential to contribute in the economy rather than being unemployed and in practice, this working model is commonly preferred. In accordance with the Law no 6715 which came into effect on 20 May 2016, Private Employment Agency Offices’ authorities have been extended and the rules with regard to establishment of “Temporary Employment Relationships” via such Private Employment Agency Offices under the authority and control of Turkish Employment Organisation has been determined under the Law. On the other hand; in the “Regulation on Private Employment Agency Offices” which came into effect on 11 October 2016, the basis and terms for the establishment of a temporary employment relationship, rights and obligations of the temporary employer, conditions for operation permit to be granted to such Offices, the procedures regarding auditing of the Private Employment Offices have been regulated.
New Employee Rights on Maternity, Post Maternity and Child Adoption

New employee rights on maternity, post maternity and child adoption have been introduced under Article 74 of the Labour Law No. 4857 titled “Maternity and Breast Feeding Leaves”, Article 13 titled “Part Time and Full Time Employment Contracts”, Additional Article 2 titled “Leave for an Excuse” and Regulation on Maternity Leave or Part Time Employment after Unpaid Leave” which was published on 08.11.2016 in the official gazette numbered 29882.  Accordingly, in the session, new rights granted to both female and male employees for the harmonization of work and family life will be explained.
Compensation for Bad Faith Damages in Labor Law

Definiton, conditions, amount and calculation of “compensation for bad faith damages”. Supreme Court practices in consideration of “compensation for bad faith damages”.   Evaluation of “compensation for bad faith damages” in terms of employees who work in accordance with the code of obligations.  

What are the Numbers Tell About Learning in New World?

-Critical Tendencies about Learning in New World.
-New Generation Learning
-Usage Rates of Learning Technologies Around the World
-Success Criterias
-2016 Usage Data in Turkey
-What is waiting for us in 2017-2018 ? 
Building Common Purpose: From Talent Acquisition to Employee Productivity

“Upheaval” is everywhere in business life... It is the hardest time ever for companies to achieve success. Imagine a world where you create awareness on candidates’ values in their university life, you become the most desired company to work for and you acquire candidates sharing your values. By the time they join the company, you enable employees to see that their values match up with yours and to achieve company’s goals by uniting them around common purpose. In this case, does “Upheaval” prevent your company from achieving current and future success?  

Let This Time HR Evolve

While we were focusing on strengthening the culture, a new generation having different values started to make themselves heard and even take place in top management before we know it... Does or should the culture change completely as the values change? Is it a big challenge to unite employees and managers around  the common purpose in such a chaotic environment?
We don’t think so...

Big Data and Human Resources

“Big Data” is the latest magical word of the business world. It’s treated like a master key to improve all services, to increase customer satisfaction, to maximize return on investment. What about the specific meaning of it in HR world? Is this just a vogue or is this a sine qua non tool for all companies? Or is it the leading force behind the “personalization” trend in HR? We will look for humble answers to these questions and we will go into the details of how big data is used in HR practices at Hürriyet world.

Re-defining Talent

Organizations have vast amounts of data at their fingertips and have the technology capable of transforming that data into actionable and powerful insights. But as we predict and understand employees better, we must also look to the future to answer important questions, such as: How can we assist, nurture and engage employees to ensure they are reaching their maximum potential, and how can we create an even smarter workforce? Who are the talents in the organization? How we can keep them and attract new ones? 

New Way to Work

Now more than ever, companies must bring together talent, culture and work to develop deeper client relationships and to drive measurable business outcomes. They must unify their workplace collaboration apps, deliver them from the cloud to virtually any device or business process, and enhance them with cognitive computing and advanced analytics, while minimizing business risk.
Route To Affordable Retail :Retail Stars

It is a new-generation, university based skills program that trains talented persons who intend to make a career in retail industry. It has training programs covering the SKILLS NEEDED BY THE MARKET and preparing them to work in companies. It can both be planned as the university education of the in-company teams and for the emerging talented persons of the industry.

Micro MBA Accreditation For Institutional Academies

It is the transformation of long-term success of micro MBA program of Istanbul Business School into micro MBA through the accreditation of the in-company academic programs and the achievement of university certificates.
HR Practices and Benchmarks in Turkey
In the project which is organised by “Method Research Company” and “” since 2011 in Turkey, Human Resources applications and comparison with related work is taking place. 4th year anniversary celebrated  the project, defining the HR processes are carried out independently from the industry, the company practice of making comparisons about what's going on By taking similarities into consideration,benchmarking studies, with medium and large scale companies nationwide included first 500 firms from all sectors.
Nature as a Leadership Toolkit  

Ecopsychology, a holistic Human Resource Management field, integrates ecology with psychology to re-connecting our sense of self with nature. Nature offers both a relief from stress and a classroom for learning leadership skills and models of efficiency. 

Notebook of HR Manager: 10 Ways of Creating Successful Stories  for INTCOM Events in New Age
The Genes Required for Successful Management in the New Age

This conference aims to decode the impact of the new age on management practices. Self-organization of teams with significant freedoms to drive business decisions is much written about. In practice implementing such self-organization proves to be extremely challenging. Why? The reasons lie in the DNA of management of the past century which was about top-down hierarchy and control rather than self-organizing. A gene refreshment is therefore needed for new age managers and teams. Two skill "genes" in particular will be essential for new age managers and teams: first, the Collective intelligence gene and second, the Facilitative intelligence gene.

This presentation will illustrate through a Turkish and a European company the hardships, success and lessons learned. You will gain an understanding how you may apply this to your own organization.
New Codes of Management

The new codes of management are taking a new shape around the organisations and human balance, the management life is host to the same dilemma as ever … When the manager discovers a new truth every day, he questions the previous truth.

Direct like Ironman

We witness more and more people from different corporate backgrounds are getting interested in triathlon (swimming, bicycling, running) recently. We would like to review with you, dear Human Resources professionals, why the employees show great interest in these sports branches which provide us many benefits to be healthier along with benefits to our work life in many important aspects.

We will handle subjects like how we manage our works with an Ironman discipline and which development steps we should follow on this session.

DNA of Thriving HR

Do the features that stand out in the competencies that HR professionals have in today's world change? The human touch in the digitizing world ...

STOP THE CHANGE PLEASE, SOMEONE WANT TO GET OFF! - We are changing the years one by one as saying DNA or something else…  

We want changes, even if we don’t want it we find ourselves at the middle of it. We are changing.
Yet, we cannot predict its dimensions, its results…
Positive, Directing, Innovative Change Destructive, Backbreaking, Deterrent Change…
Which one is your change? Let us uncover it together…

“Cutting, Screening, Pick and Roll”

Basketball today goes far beyond being a very fast-moving imperial game ... It is a matter of passing on the fact that you stay in the vote, be successful, defend the secret, and be the foundations of the attack.  

At this point, what does Basketball teach us? In today's corporate life where the manager and the leader are competing, "Can the management written in the new age codes be the foundation of the leadership? "

Development Workshop - Competency Based Development

Comprehensive competence development project designed to develop the competencies of the managers, which is according to the hybrid education model and reinforced by project work and coaching and real life practices.

+ Value – Cultural Transformation

Integration of different institutional cultures after purchase and ensuring desired development in corporate culture.

How to Design a Digital HR Development Program: A Gamified Coaching Case

Introduction to the emerging HR Technology trends in the Digital Age and how the relationship between disruption & engagement applies to HR Development programs. Focus on the tips & tricks of designing an engaging & agile digital HR development program and showcase a Gamified Coaching program successfully applied in Turkey.

Empowering by Experience

Rapidly changing technology has deepened the gap between generations. However, institutions need both the energy of youth and the common sense of experience. The most three important agenda of the Human Resources unit: to manage the differences between generations, to ensure harmony and create synergy.  

The human resources unit needs new ways and methods to deal with this challenging agenda. In the session we will talk about the new ways of the new world.

Stop Thinking Profit!  

For so many years, organisations have been “profit-oriented” and that’s been understandable. In this session, Ralph Watson – CEO of Inspired Impact – will challenge you to make a shift in paradigm and focus differently. Join Ralph for this thought-provoking presentation and you’ll leave with some new ideas about your business.  

Ralph Watson is a Speaker and Coach with an impressive international track record, having worked with individuals and organisations from over 30 countries. He is the visionary behind Inspired Impact Global, a global business community for social change and the thought-provoking White Wolf brand.
The Art of Leadership Presence

We teach how to become an authentic leader in our leadership and communication classes at University of California, Berkeley as well as in workshops in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. In this 30 minute session, I will be sharing some examples of our teachings. I hope to see you in this highly interactive and fun session.

Winning Back The Talented Women

Moderator – Göknil Bigan / Founder Associate, YenidenBiz  & Director, VKV Arter Art Gallery 
Gülcem Bayer / Unicef Turkey National Committee Communication Director
Pınar Çanakçı / Danone Turkey Country Business Services HR Director
Ayça Diler Kahraman / Vodafone Turkey HR Resourcing Senior Manager

The decision to return back to business life after a break on your career path for any reason is a serious and an important decision.  The challenges and opportunities arising from that decision will be discussed on by both the employee and the employers’ sides with their real life awareness projects and examples.
Decoding Employer Brand
Rapidly changing codes of our day also transformed HR. The new HR is now the practitioner of the management, not only the hands of the institution but also the orchestra conductor of the culture and performance.  
Could the HR professionals be missing some never changing codes of humans while pursuing change to meet the expectations of both management and new employee profile?  
In this presentation, we will talk about ways of establishing and managing an employer brand that does not miss the DNA of human beings, commitment and happiness as they are able to catch the change.
Any presentation or speech at any kind of events organised by MCT Danışmanlık A.Ş. and Eventus Organizasyon Fuarcılık ve Ticaret A.Ş reflects the personal perspective and opinion of the relevant speaker and does not represent or relate to the views and policies of organisers.
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