Alfonso Dıez Davıd

Global Digital Human Resources General Manager / Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi Alliance

Session Details

 The Human Factor: Enabling, Empowering and Engaging Employees and Organisations through the Tides of HR Digitalisation

Human factor comes first in any HR Transformation. In this session, you will understand

  • How to engage each stakeholder from day one
  • How to be pragmatical while deciding and executing
  • How to pave a smooth change for your employee


Born in Barcelona (1959), he is an experienced international HR Director with a fact-proven record of transformation and making-business-happen in the big-corporation arena by Leading, Enabling, Engaging and Empowering People + Organisations.

With 29 years in the Automotive Industry -21 of them in HR- he is leading large business initiatives, mostly in global/regional/multi-company scenarios- and he is ready for the coming 29-year stint.

He has tangible achievements in complex scenarios (Europe, India, Africa, Middle East, North America, Japan) on Direction of Human Resources, HR Transformation/Digitalisation, Ethics/Compliance/Protection of Personal Data, Business Transformation and Organisation Development, Talent Management, Executive Coaching, Corporate Restructuring and Industrial Relations.

Intercultural, mobile -two expatriations- and a natural remote manager, he interacts effectively with globally distributed stakeholders/teams/bosses. He leverages his Master of Science as senior Industrial Engineer and his corporate experience to produce cross-functional, cross-company and collaborative output, always driven by Business Strategies and by the realisation of the potential of involved individuals.

Engaged in the development of Talent in his community, he volunteers as a pro-forma coach for young entrepreneurs and as an engaged member of Barcelona Global. Always ready to interact with University and Business Schools, he has led Nissan Chair, Nissan Campus for Graduates and the People Chapter at MIGIA Automotive Master at UPC.

Active communicator, he writes articles in La Vanguardia (Barcelona main newspaper), and he speaks regularly at Conventions and Events: Amsterdam, Chicago, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona and now Istanbul.