Dr Şebnem Özdemir

Academician, AI Researcher, Consultant / Ereteam


Sebnem Ozdemir received her B.Sc. degree in Mathematics (Yıldız Technical University), as well as the M.A. in Mathematics Education and M.Sc. in Informatics (İstanbul University). She received her Ph.D. degree from İstanbul University (IU), İstanbul Turkey. She was a visiting researcher in Electronics and Computing Engineering Department (Worcester Polytechnic Institute- WPI) for her postdoc research, Worcester, MA, USA. She currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Information Systems, Beykent University, İstanbul, Turkey. With the machine learning based model, she built, Mrs. Ozdemir has received the “Contribution to Human Development Award” by Koc University UNESCO Chair. Earlier this year (2018), she began to integrate a new and closely-related research stream with her students, which is called “Deep Projects,” that involves deep learning algorithms and methodologies. The first of these projects, “Deep Classical Art,” relates to pattern recognition and reproductions, which are hidden in the Anatolian and Ottoman art, such as marbling (Ebru), ornamentation (Tezhip), and tapis. Prior to the aforementioned projects, she used mathematical modeling to predict juvenile crime. Her work with others on a multidisciplinary project team led to the design and implementation of decision support systems that identify at-risk children. She has many published papers, book chapters and patents related to data science and machine learning. Ozdemir’s main interest fields are artificial intelligence, data science, management information systems, decision making, mathematical modeling.