Tanyer Sönmezer

Senior Partner / Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)


It's a good script, but who is going to shoot it?

Participants in this session will have the chance to learn:

  • The human and cultural dimension of digital transformation,
  • The reasons for this transformation,
  • Role of HR managers
  • And the steps and factors needed to succeed with real-life examples.


Tanyer Sönmezer trained in mechanical engineering at MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, but he never practiced his profession. After receiving an MBA and a master’s degree in marketing, he attended several training programs, such as “Effective Management of Boards of Directors” at HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, “Leadership” at the OXFORD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE, “Innovation” at MIT, “Change Management, Design Thinking” at STANFORD and “Making Innovation Happen” at LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL. However, he is a CONSULTANT who has learned about life working at an AMUSEMENT PARK.

His roles as chef, magician, pilot, photographer, and conference speaker aside, he prefers to be an ordinary HERO for those he loves. Sönmezer is the CEO of the Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) Group, consults to all prestigious companies in Turkey.

He wrote two best-selling books: “Yöneticinin Sırt Çantası” (Backpack of a Manager) and “Yöneticinin Beslenme Çantası” (Lunch Box of a Manager).