What is the Leaders' Cafe?

It is a professional platform created with the leading managers of the Human Resources Management sector. Since the "World Cafe" approach, which is a participative group work model, is used during meetings this platform has been named "Leaders' Cafe".

How does the Leaders' Cafe Work?

Leaders' Cafe is a platform which develops its own group work models and approaches. Members develop projects and conduct researches on human resources management and contribute to the the biggest managers summit in Turkey, the Human Resources Summit, and make presentations to share their professional knowledge and skills.

Where are Leaders' Cafe meetings held?

Leaders' Cafe meetings are held in the training rooms of Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

Why are Leaders' Cafe meetings held?

Leaders' Cafe is a platform where human resources professionals discuss the challenges they are faced with, look for solutions sharing their ideas and opinions. One of the objectives of the Leaders' Cafe is to allow the members to share with each other and improve the level of human resources employees.

When are Leaders' Cafe meetings held?

Members of the Leaders' Cafe continue to work at the meetings, the dates and topics of which are fixed and planned annually, until the date of the Human Resources Summit.

Who can participate in the Leaders' Cafe?

The Leaders' Cafe platform allows human resources professionals who work in corporate companies only. Those who would like to join the platform should get in touch with Şenay Eran. seran@mct.com.tr