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Agile is an iterative approach to developing initiatives that is structured around experimentation, integration and review, and supported by a trusting and collaborative culture. Put simply, a brilliant alternative to traditional project management which allows your business to react faster and respond to unpredictable issues that you may encounter through the alterations in your business. It has the roots in the software development world, but the mindset and principles of agile are increasingly being tested out in the world of human resources since it is now considered as a way of thinking.

HR leaders have been searching for a way to meet this huge challenge that we don’t see in other disciplines in today’s dynamic world: they also have to deliver agile values. Salary assessments, the way they recruit, the way they offer careers, the way they kick-start learning, it all has to be done in line with agile principles and values. It is not easy to transform a world that we have known so well, and that we always believed worked, into completely different ways. Anyhow, HR departments are ready to adopt an agile HR strategy. Agile has emerged as the main way to redesign how we work and offers answers to many of these challenges. 

Agile HR turns the entire organisation around. It’s employees centric, delivering value to the whole organisation. At a glance, not much had changed. We still need to hire people, take care of people growth, do evaluations. Only the way we work changed significantly as the focus shifted to support the overall employee experience. Interested in what that means? What role does HR play in supporting and enabling agile transformation and organisational development? 2020 HR Summit, at its 25th year, will provide a guide to the transition and stand for the new world of work—agile management and networked businesses instead of the hierarchic traditional top-down controlled organisations. Distinguished speakers coming from different backgrounds and the policy-making sphere will meet with the sector and show you the ways of

  • • Reorienting an organization around agile
  • • Empowering employees and shifting culture & mindset toward adaptability
  • • Overcoming challenges in scaling agile and getting teams to collaborate
  • • Accelerating the innovation with agile thinking across teams

Also, agile experts will personally treat your agilic pains during the conference to advice and answer all your questions to guide you through the change of mindset, practices, and tips on how to build the new Agile HR.