Ideas With Purpose

Des Dearlove

Co-founder of Thinkers50

Stuart Crainer

Co-founder of Thinkers50

Truth, Trust & Tech

Frances Frei

Professor of Technology and
Operations Management at
Harvard Business School

Anne Morriss

Leadership coach and
executive founder of
The Leadership Consortium

Marshall van Alstyne

Professor of information systems at
the Questrom School of Business, Boston University, co-author of
Platform Revolution

Erica Dhawan


Founder and CEO of Cotential,
author of Get Big Things Done
and Digital Body Language

Equity Incorparated: The Urgency of Diversity and Equility

Laura Morgan Roberts

Professor of Practice at the University of
Virginia’s Darden School of Business
and author of Race, Work, and Leadership

Laura Huang

Professor at Harvard Business School
and author of Edge: Turning
Adversity into Advantage

Ruchika Tulshyan


Author of The Diversity Advantage:
Fixing Gender Inequality
in the Workplace


Megan Reitz

Professor of Leadership and
Dialogue at Ashridge
Executive Education

Hubert Joly

Former Chairman and CEO of Best Buy,
senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, and author ofThe Heart of Business

Christian Sarkar

Founder of marketing consultancy
Double Loop Marketing LLC and
co-founder of The Marketing Journal

Dorie Clark


Teaches executive education for
Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business andauthor of The Long Game

Where next for Management?

Des Dearlove

Co-founder of Thinkers50

Stuart Crainer

Co-founder of Thinkers50

Business Education: Time For Change?

Santiago Íñiguez

President of IE University, the
former Chair of the AACSB, and
author of the Learning Curve

Susan Fournier

Dean of the Questrom
Business Schoolat
Boston University, Massachusetts

Maja Korica


Associate professor of management
and organization at Warwick Business
School, Warwick University

Creating a Curious Culture

Scott Anthony

Senior partner at the growth strategy
consulting firm Innosight and co-author
of Eat, Sleep, Innovate

Diane Hamilton

Founder and CEO of Tonerra
and creator of the
Curiosity Code Index

Anurupa Ganguly

CEO of Prisms of Reality, which
utilizes immersive virtual
reality technologies

Des Dearlove


Co-founder of Thinkers50

Distinguished Achievement Awards& 2021 Ranking

Des Dearlove

Co-founder of Thinkers50

Stuart Crainer

Co-founder of Thinkers50

Megan Reitz

Professor of Leadership and
Dialogue at Ashridge Executive Education

Upskilling and Reskilling for Future

Zoltan Bouzady

Associate Professor of Leadership | Corvinus University of Budapest

Richard Berg

Business Smart International CEO

Ask Agger

CEO at Workz A/S

Agile Transformation and Learning

Perry Timms

Founder and Chief Energy Officer

Skills for the Future

Natalija Counet

Talent Initiatives Lead at Amsterdam Economic Board

Alvaro Caballero

Head of ING’s Global Tech Academy

Building a World Class Learning Culture

Jan Rijken

Learning Director at

Anja Emonds

Research Expert at
CrossKnowledge Learning Institute

New Thinking for Learning: Research Insights

Will Thalheimer

Principal at TiER1 Performance Solutions

Beyond Digital: Ideas for Future

Amy Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership
and Management at Harvard Business School

David Blake

CEO | Learn In

Never Going Back

Peter Thomson

Speaker, Author and Consultant on the future of work


Stakeholder Capitalism

Richard Savage

Future Work Forum Partner and Coach


Expert Humans – Importance of ACE

Michael Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer at Expert Humans and Partner, FutureWork


Time to end the Cult of Leadership

Mark Thomas

Director | Future of Work


Human Potential in An Age of AI

Diana Wu David

Strategist | Future of Work


Never Going Back

The pandemic has caused a fundamental review of the way we work. Attitudes towards work as part of life have canned and people are demanding more flexibility and autonomy. This has major implications for leadership and engagement.

Stakeholder Capitalism

The pandemic has changed not just the way we work, but our attitudes to work. Life has become more fragile and we search for more meaning. Shareholder Capitalism has been exposed. It doesn’t meet the needs of society. We need Stakeholder Capitalism with it’s focus on people and humankind.

Expert Humans

We will explore the benefits of a more human approach to leadership at work – “unpacking” compassion and empathy to show how this can positively impact personal relationships and the achievement of organisational objectives. We will also look at what it takes to truly “operationalise” empathy.

Time to end the Cult of Leadership

Mark will set out one the key challenges of a post Covid -19 world – challenging and ending our corporate obsession with leadership and reframing organisations around the potential of all individuals to contribute and create lasting value. He will highlight HR’s need to re-evaluate its priorities and challenge many conventional leadership and organisational paradigms.

Human Potential in An Age of AI

In an age of AI, what role do humans play? Diana shares stories of ways that people are trying to harness AI and emerging technologies to augment human potential and the potential pitfalls of these technologies to weaponize human behavior and amplify our worst flaws.