The summit has changed. It is something else now.

For many years, it followed a consistent pattern: Presenting original ideas from well-known figures, delivered by experts in their respective fields, and focusing on proven methods.

However, this changed starting from last year. MCT HR Summits will be divided into two eras, before and after 2022.

The new HR Summit resembles an HR Woodstock of sorts. It’s a virtual platform open to all, with no limitations on the number of speakers and sessions, where a wide range of life-related topics are discussed. It’s a space that promotes diversity and inclusivity.

The theme is highly relevant to today: “Force Majeure,” exploring our responses to life’s challenges and the advancements we embrace or grapple with in this era. HR is adapting to all that’s new.

Perhaps you could be one of the speakers.


Those directly related to the theme of the year. The big picture. Theme snippets with traces of force majeure. Sessions that can represent the big theme on their own.
Explanatory glossary on HR. New HR terminology. New concepts of HR with dictionary logic.
A perspective on life as seen from the vantage point of CEOs. The aspects of the CEO agenda that pertain to all individuals. The impact of CEOs on our workplace…
Advancements in HR technology. The digital realm of HR. Transformation of HR interfaces and procedures through software technology.
The customization of HR practices by Chief HR Officers (CHROs). Perspectives, attitudes, and strategies at the pinnacle of HR management. Various CHRO approaches, including distinctions in leadership styles.
The legal expertise that HR professionals must be familiar with in their daily routines. The intersection between HR and the legal field. This segment can also be referred to as…
Pragmatic information for HR professionals. Without theorising, simple, functional. In the logic of a conversation; understandable, immediately applicable, tried, effective, useful.
An alternative name for this chapter would be “understanding and living with talent”. A deep analysis of everything to do with talent.
A holistic view of expected behaviours in work environments: We can’t do at work what we don’t do in our private life. Analytics of personal development and methodology in organisations.
The foundational knowledge required for comprehending a subject. Strengthening fundamental knowledge through novel terminology. The underpinning for numerous activities in the present day.
One of the almost direct consequences of force majeure. It is one of the most current and promising topics. His sessions have two aims: Knowledge and true assimilation.
The foreseeable future might differ significantly from the distant future, and this is the department tasked with envisioning HR’s immediate future. Essentially, the way of preparing HR from today for…
A vital issue that has just entered the agenda of HR. An integral part of the human future. Practical information about HR’s tasks in this context.
The restructuring of work life. Change targets in front of organisational development. The projection of the force majeure of the age on the working order.
The reason it is at the top comes from its definition: Holistic well-being. The different dimensions of human well-being.
Examining today through the lens of ancient philosophical wisdom. The utilization of philosophy to comprehend the contemporary world. Viewing this era through the philosophical currents of thought. An effort at…